Le butin du Capitaine Verdeterre — 43 of 43

Ryan Veeder

Release 1

Volume - Trucs débiles

casting xyzzy is an action applying to nothing. Understand "xyzzy" and "lancer xyzzy" and "dire xyzzy" as casting xyzzy.

Instead of casting xyzzy:

say "[italic type]{Note de vocabulaire de fictions interactives: 'XYZZY' est une vieille blague de connaisseurs, une commande que tout auteur de fictions interactives avec parseur doit intégrer à son jeu et réfléchir à une réponse rigolote, même si il a déjà écrit toutes les blagues rigolotes qu'il avait en stock en écrivant le reste du jeu.}[roman type][paragraph break]";

now the going nowhere boolean is true.

casting plugh is an action applying to nothing. understand "plugh" and "lancer plugh" and "dire plugh" as casting plugh.

Instead of casting plugh:

say "Gretchen, je veux plus entendre cette expression débile ! Et arrête de jouer les entremetteuses.";

now the going nowhere boolean is true.

[TC: oh, this one is soooo tricky. It's a "Mean Girls" quote that kinda spread by itself afterwards among English speakers, but not among French speakers. Like, at all. So nobody really knows who Gretchen is, and we don't have quote websites (or French memes websites) quoting this particular line, so people can't really find it by Googling it, can they?

I could try to find an equivalent expression/meme (i.e. a "famous" movie quote of someone being shot down for trying to create and spread a new slang word), but I could not think of anything for the life of me. The closest I could find was an example from the French movie "Steak": the hero just got out of prison after 7 years, and a friend drives him home and tell him jokingly "You missed so much in 7 years! For instance, if you want to be hip, don't say "hi". Say "boot"." ("Si tu veux être pointu, tu dis pas "salut". Tu dis "bottine!"."). The only problem is, this movie was very badly reviewed by audiences (it didn't make a lot of sense and wasn't overtly funny either, it was not was people were expecting), and not a lot of people would know that quote. Also, it would probably require creating a new "bottine!" command, since the game is correcting the player...

So I went and checked out the French version of "Mean Girls", which is called "Lolita Malgré Moi" (that's called dedication to the craft). And the French quote is "Gretchen, je veux plus entendre cette expression débile ! Et arrête de jouer les entremetteuses." ("Gretchen, I don't want to hear this stupid expression anymore ! And stop trying to play matchmaker." cause she just said something like "you like him? that's so fetch!"). It's still kind of the same spirit, you still reprimand the player for using that expression. So I kept the whole line, with the matchmaker thing, so that's it's not just the game calling the player Gretchen but something bigger, this way the player can sense that something is weird and that it's probably a quote, then try to find this quote. But it might fall flat, because it's definitely not a thing over here. Stop trying to make "Stop trying to make [x] happen. It's not going to happen" happen in France. It's not going to happen. ]