Le butin du Capitaine Verdeterre — 15 of 43

Ryan Veeder

Release 1

Section - Comment vous empêcher d'interagir avec les objets alors qu'ils sont sous l'eau

An object has a number called height. The height of an object is usually 1. The height of a person is usually 20.

An object has some text called the sinking message.

Definition: a thing is sinking if it is in a room in the currently sinking deck. [Cette définition ne veut pas exactement dire ça ; par 'sinking' (en train de couler), ce qu'on veut dire en réalité c'est 'risque de couler'.]

A shipwrecking rule (this is the items washed away rule):

repeat with item running through sinking things:

if the item is scenery:

do nothing;

otherwise if the item is not enclosed by a person and the item is not enclosed by an object and the item is not supported by an object:

if the height of the item is less than the relative water level:

if the item is visible:

if the sinking message of the item is "":

say "Les eaux montantes engloutissent [the item].[paragraph break]";


say "[the sinking message of the item][paragraph break]";

remove the item from play.

Check dropping something (this is the insurance against losing objects rule):

if the location is in the currently sinking deck:

now the going nowhere boolean is true;

say "Avec toute cette eau qui tourbillonne autour de vous, il n'y a nulle part où mettre quoi que ce soit en lieu sûr." instead.

Before dropping something:

if the noun is enclosed by the sac:

silently try taking the noun.