The Horrible Pyramid — 1 of 15

Ryan Veeder

Release 1

"The Horrible Pyramid" by Ryan Veeder

The story headline is "A cautionary tale of sorts".

[Hi! I wrote this game for EctoComp 2013 between the hours of 8:20 PM on October 28 and 12:23 AM on October 29. The rules said you could only spend three hours writing the game; I actually took more like three hours and twenty minutes (not counting 43 minutes of breaks), but the game was accepted to the competition anyway so I feel ZERO REMORSE.

The game in its original form actually took first place out of 24 entries! How nice!

Because I love this game so much, I've decided to release a revised edition; that's the version you're looking at now. All comments (and section headings) are new to the post-comp release. Not every change has been noted, because I mean come on.]