The Statue Got Me High

“The setting sun turns this whole room orange; it's so bright you can't even turn toward it without squinting—and yet, it is only a middle-sized star.”

An homage to the They Might Be Giants song of the same name, written for Apollo 18+20, the IF Tribute Album. Peter Pears later revealed that the game was also an homage to an 18th-century opera. Emily Short said a lot of very flattering things about “manipulating player expectations and guiding player behavior for humorous effect.” Wade Clarke and Jenni Polodna wrote on the game's 2012 XYZZY nomination for Best Non-Player Characters. I wrote a list of references to other TMBG songs, because nobody else would.

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“Ryan Veeder's ‘The Statue Got Me High’ is exquisite.”
- Simon Carless

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